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March 11, 2015 took place the meeting of the Chairman of the Bureau of the Committee of transport, logistics and communication of the National Chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. U. Mamin “On measures for the further development of civil aviation of Republic of Kazakhstan”.

It was attended by the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, logistics and transport U. I. Lavrinenko, Deputy Chairman of the NCE RK M. A. Duzbayeva, CEO STK “KAZLOGISTICS” K. E. Almagambetov, General Director of open company “IMG” Claude Badan, Vice President development LLP air company “SCAT” D. G. Khamzin, Adviser of the President of JSC “Air Astana” E. O. Rakhmetov, Chairman of the Kazakhstan Association of small aircraft U. Zh. Kenesbaev, Deputy General Director of LLP “AMG” D. A. Mamekov, Executive Director of “KTZ EXPRESS” B. A. Nauryzaliev, Chairman of the Board JSC “Sary-ARKA Airport” V. A. Bezrodniy, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for regulation of natural monopolies and competition protection A. Djumabaeva

During the meeting were discussed matters on the liberalization of air transport regulation, the development of airports in Kazakhstan, development of the competitiveness of airlines of Kazakhstan at the aviation market, the introduction of E-freight project in Kazakhstan, development of small aircraft.

In their statements, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Aviation Committee of the transport, logistics and transportation services NCE RK B. M. Nauryzaliev, Vice President, LLP “Skat” D. G. Khamzin, General Director LLC “Airport management group” Claude Badan, Adviser of the President of JSC “Air Astana” E. O. Rakhmetov told about major issues hindering the further development of the market of aviation products, participants of the meeting exchanged views.

As a result of recommendations were made to amend the regulatory framework out lined specific measures work together with Government to address the issues.

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