+7 727 31 222 15, +7 707 31 222 15 sales@saelog.com


«Thanks to the staff of the company SAELOG! We have been developing
partnerships for several years. There are direct delivery of goods from China, the formation of cargo and full customs clearance. Our customers are satisfied. Very competent experts. Good luck for your work!»

Andrey Fomin
KROL Ayas Group Ltd CEO

Yekaterinburg city,
The Russian Federation


«I express my gratitude to «SAELOG» LLP for timely delivery and safety of construction materials.»

Alexey Simonov
Vega LLP Director

Almaty city,
The Republic of Kazakhstan



«Great customer service and delivery deadlines. We have been working with SAELOG company  on permanent basis.»

Yelena Yassinova
Сaspian Well Services LLP Head MTS

Aktau city,
The Republic of Kazakhstan



«I express my respect and esteem. The unconventional approach to the work that serves the needs of different business niches. Keep it up!»

Ulan Kubessov
Kasstroom BBER’S LLP
Creative Director

Almaty city,
The Republic of Kazakhstan


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