Delivery from Europe

Our company carries out delivery of goods from almost all countries of Europe to Kazakhstan. We can bring cargo from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland, France, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries.

Methods of delivery of cargoes

Cargoes are transported by road, sea and rail transport, air transport is also available. The way of delivery from Europe depends on the client's desire and interest in the timing of the receipt of the goods. The client is most often focused on the less cargo load and urgent (express) delivery. Along with the basic services, our company provides an additional set of related services.

1. The possibility of trucking from any point of departure in Europe directly to the warehouses of the Company.

2. Preliminary preparation of the goods for shipment and transportation (marking, packing and repacking, inventory of cargo, prefabricated pallets, etc.).

3. Interaction with other logistics companies. Using business ties with our European partners, we can freely operate with their warehouse capacities. This allows to minimize the time spent on the road and its transportation. Both the sender and the receiver are directly involved in the delivery process. At each intermediate stage of transportation, the client is provided with information on the actual location of the goods.

4. Customs clearance. When the cargo passes through several borders, it is likely that there are questions to the cargo and the complexity with its design. Our company will prepare all the necessary documentation for solving any problems of a customs character.

5. Consulting services. Customs rules change regularly, so our specialists will always be able to react to these changes in advance and bring this information to the client in time. The issues of certification, insurance, customs declarations, export-import currency control and other cases will be carefully studied and resolved in a timely manner.



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