SAELOG logistics company offers services of transportation of cargoes from the Asian countries to Kazakhstan and the countries of the Customs Union with step-by-step tracking and registration of all necessary documents.


Advantages of the delivery of goods with the SAELOG company 

   Our company does everything to deliver goods of all categories as soon as possible and on time. When applying for cargo transportation from the Asian countries to us, you get a number of advantages:

  • High speed of delivery. We choose the most convenient route to spend a minimum of time on the road;
  • Well-established logistics scheme, constant tracking of cargo at all stages of transportation;
  • Provision of all necessary documentation for the clearance of goods;

   cargo plan is individually designed according to the region where it is necessary to deliver the consignment, and the specifics of the cargo - standard or compact. We carry cargo from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and other Asian countries. The company offers the following types of transportation:

  1. By road;
  2. By sea;
  3. By airplane;
  4. Multimodal transport (several modes of transport);

   As soon as you contact us, we discuss in detail the characteristics of the goods with you and draw up a detailed transportation plan. We select the optimal variant of the route, which will satisfy the client by cost, terms, and type of transportation.

Order cargo transportation from Asian countries

   To order cargo transportation from us, you can call or leave an application with the following information: your personal data, departure point, destination, weight and dimensions of the cargo.


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