Some goods, which are imported in Kazakhstan, are subject to mandatory certification. Due to this fact the products, which are imported in Kazakhstan, are consistent with all relevant safety standards and measures.

Our team of specialists can assist in conducting of all certificates, preparing all the required documents and will assist in coordination with the relevant parties.

We work with declared and certifiable goods only, such as:

  • shoes and clothes;
  • kids toys;
  • special machinery (forklift and front loader);
  • cosmetics (if samples provided);
  • furniture;
  • electrical appliances;
  • electrical instruments;
  • auto parts and other;

We offer the services of the processing of authorizations documents such as:

  • a certificate of compliance with the national codes and regulations of Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • a certificate of compliance with technical regulations of Custom Union;
  • fumigation,phytosanitary and hygiene related certificates of the products;
  • certificates of transport construction safety (for machinery of over 3-4 years old).

We would facilitate the processing of other documents if necessary to certify the products and for custom clearance.

Our company has an experience of productive relationship with certifying centers. We offer a reasonable prices for the clients. Moreover, our experts have developed a comprehensive procedure algorithm that has shortened the RK compliance certification processing and provides the low prices.

Custom Union Certificate application.

Custom Union Compliance Certificate (Certificate CU) – document verifying a compliance of the product to requirements established by Technical regulations of Custom Union, mandatory for import, marketing and application of the product within territories of the countries – participants of the CU treaty (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kirgizstan) without implementation of additional product certification per National Law.

Custom Union Certificate does not require the reprocessing per national certification standards and is sufficient document for import, custom clearance and product’s marketing as per certificate, if otherwise is not identified in Technical Regulations for the same product and National Law does not have any restrictions related to radiofrequency regulation, industrial and fire prevention country safety.

The main points for certificate application process to consider.

A Compliance Certificate is issued for either product batch or serial production.

An applicant for product certification may be a legal entity (or an individual entrepreneur) registered within territory of Custom Union and is either a manufacturer, a seller (a vendor) or an entity executing function of the foreign manufacturer based on contract with manufacturer in the terms of the compliance provision for supplied product and responsibility for its compliance with technical regulations of Custom Union.

Additional important point to consider is a product compliance with all applicable technical regulations must be confirmed. Lack of even one single technical regulation document related to the compliance evaluation will be interpreted as a product’s compliance evaluation per technical safety regulation has not been conducted in its entirety and product cannot be marketed and therefore seller may endure the remedies of the administrative liability such as fines and entire product batch confiscation.


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