SAELOG company provides door-to-door delivery service from every part of China to the countries of Customs Union. Our team of specialists are ready to offer innovative solutions for any complex delivery issues.

As China exports remain strong, delivery service is in a high demand among consumers worldwide. Mainly the goods to be exported from China are: domestic appliances, consumer goods, industrial equipment etc.

Logistics company Saelog has provided the delivery service of different types of cargoes from China to the countries of Customs Union for more than 14 years. For this period of time our company has gained a wide experience and professionalism in logistics industry. We are pleased to offer a huge variety of high-quality services.


Working with us is what makes the delivery of your cargo easy and cost-effective. Our clients get the following benefits of cooperation with us:

-Guarantee of safe delivery - we have both legal and financial liabilities for damage to customers' possessions

- LCL and FCL shipment

- Development of routes and coordination of details are being conducted individually for every client.

- We offer to our clients free photo reports of cargo loading

- Full package of documents

- Expedited customs clearance proceedings

- Free storage for LCL cargo in our warehouses in China

- Payment for the actual volume of cargo

Delivery of cargo from China by trucks

Delivery by truck is a cost-effective option to get your goods delivery quickly and at low costs to the agreed final destination. We have the best logistics solution for every request. Whether you have a special cargo we will adjust the transportation and storage of it accordingly. We carry out full control during the transshipment of goods.

Railway freight (railway transportation from China)

This is the best way to transport a bulky goods. Delivery of goods by rail is distinguished by reliability and relatively low cost. As a rule, a fragile product is delivered to the container, since no overload is required. By rail, you can transport lots of goods to the most remote regions of the country. We have the ability to transport loads of any size, even beyond the platform.

Air transportation from China

Air transport is the best way to receive an order in the shortest time. It is suitable for a valuable cargo and guarantees reliability and maximum delivery speed. Our company on a high professional level provides air transportation services from China to Kazakhstan. We provide full safety of cargo and the shortest delivery time.

Express delivery (fast delivery) from China

Our company provides express delivery services from China to Kazakhstan and the countries of the Customs Union. This method allows our clients to receive urgent orders on time. We respect confidentiality and guarantee the minimum possible time.

Less Cargo Load from China (consolidated goods from China)

This method allows you to reduce costs when delivering small and medium quantities of goods. We combine the orders of several customers and deliver them with a single transport.

If you needed to transport goods from China to Kazakhstan and the countries of the Customs Union, then feel free to contact our company. We work in good faith and guarantee a 100% fulfillment of our obligations. Here you will get the best service at the best price. You will be accompanied by a personal manager at all stages of the transportation up to the receipt of the goods to the doors.


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